Volunteering in the Canterbury District

Let’s celebrate Volunteering!

There are many reasons why people volunteer but let’s not forget how much difference volunteering makes to so many. . . particularly in times like these!


Since 2007 the Canterbury District Volunteer Centre has been supporting, promoting and developing volunteering  within the Canterbury District. and providing a number of community services in response to local need.


We aim to support, promote and develop volunteering  within the Canterbury District for charities, voluntary or community groups’ not for profit organizations as well as Public Sector organizations.


We define volunteering as any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment, community  or someone (individuals or groups). 

Volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual.

Referral and Support of Volunteers

One of the core functions of any Volunteer Centre or Bureau is the referral of volunteers. Our aim is to match up the skills of volunteers with the volunteering opportunities offered by organizations.

Social Transport

This scheme is aimed at the provision of a low-cost service utilizing volunteer drivers (who use their own car to transport people to and from medical and social appointments.


We operate face to face befriending service matching individuals who are isolated or lonely with volunteers who look for social contact and support on a regular basis.

Digital Skills

We have recently started to utilize a number of Digital Champions who help people to utilize their phones, laptops tablets or computers.

We want to ensure that everyone can take advantage of being online and enjoy the huge benefits the internet offers such as saving money, being in touch with friends and family and accessing information.


We run regular workshops and training session for both volunteers and organizations that utilize volunteers.