What Is Micro or virtual volunteering?

During these unconventional times, the nature of volunteering has changed and it can be hard to visualise volunteering being equally as useful when it’s not in carried out person or in the traditional sense.

If you consider, however, that volunteering by its very definition entails people undertaking activities of their own free will for the benefit of the community then it is irrelevant however this goal is actually achieved.

So, this is where micro and virtual volunteering come in to their own.  These are easy, quick, low commitment actions which take place remotely so keep people safe but still enable you to volunteer effectively. . . this is the perfect solution for the way the world is today!

Certainly, for organisations who wish to quickly expand their volunteering opportunities and increase the diversity of their volunteers, this is a “must-do” rather than a “nice to have” option and the benefit to the beneficiaries of any organisation at present are easy to comprehend.

To put it simply, this type of volunteering reinvents the idea that people want to help, but don’t know how, don’t have time, or don’t know what they can actually do. These types of opportunities offer people a series of tasks that can be done at their own pace and that fit in with their time commitments, their lifestyles, wherever or however they are.

Its not rocket science and can be as simple as sharing a message, writing a blog, liking posts on Facebook or delivering some useful equipment for an organisation in need.

This type of volunteering also avoids the spectre of ongoing commitment for volunteers and allows people to give as much or as little of it can and, at the same time, builds that connection with organisations and causes that is so vital for so many.

It may come as a surprise to see how much volunteering can be done virtually or remotely. In a 2016 study, it was found that over 80% of activities could be done in this way.

By welcoming this type of volunteering into your organisation, it will significantly boost volunteer engagement. And, if you are looking to volunteer, this is convenient, considers how much time you’re willing to offer and enables you to get involved in volunteering despite the current circumstances. It allows you to undertake small action that has a big impact for any cause of your choice whether that’s an environmental, scientific, a local or a community project.

If this post has tickled your interest, please do not hesitate to contact the centre to find out how you can micro or virtually volunteer today.

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Written by virtual volunteer Emily Clugston

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