Seeking Digital Champions

Project Background:

Digital technology is at the heart of how public life functions now. While it has become integral to all aspects of social economics, many people remain digitally excluded. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2019 there were 4.8 million adults in the UK, or 9% of the adult UK population, who had either never used the internet or not used it in the last three months.

The Role:

Digital Champions are volunteers trained to support learners with essential digital skills and build their confidence to use technology safely.

You don’t need to be a technical whizz to be a Digital Champion, but you do need to be very patient, have good empathy and excellent communication skills. Many learners may have never used the internet before and could be vulnerable. Your role is to support them and ensure that they have a positive experience with technology. 

Being a Digital Champion can be very rewarding. You’ll have a good knowledge of digital skills, but first and foremost you’ll be passionate about helping others. You’ll have a friendly and approachable nature and be comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds. You will also be enthusiastic about digital technology and the benefits it can bring to society.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Provide digital skills support to learners
  • Promote digital skills development and confidence with your learners.
  • Keep a record of your sessions with learners
  • Communicate regularly with the Volunteer Centre staff who will make sure you are happy and supported in your role.
  • Report any issues to the CEO – refraining from getting involved personally in a learner’s problems that aren’t digital in nature.

Skills Required:

  • Passionate about helping people
  • Patience and empathy in supporting people get online
  • Enthusiasm about digital skills, tools and services
  • Ability to communicate effectively over the phone, digitally, and in person with a variety of service users
  • Ability to adapt your communication style to suit the learner
  • Sensitivity and compassion around societal inequality, exclusion or discrimination


  • Digital skills sessions are arranged in conjunction with the Digital Volunteers so that we take into account your availability and time scales.

To register as a volunteer please complete contact us here

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